Track My Ballot

Want to know if your mail-in ballot has been received?  You can check the status by signing up.

What is Track My Ballot?

  • Track My Ballot is the ability for voters to keep updated on the status of their mail-in ballot as it moves through the process.
  • It can be accessed through the voter’s “My Voter Record” account.
  • It is not necessarily “real-time” tracking due to the lack of adequate technology at the county level to scan Mail-in Ballots on a large scale.
  • It allows voters to see:
    • Ballot request type
    • Ballot issued date
    • Ballot received date
    • Request processed date
    • Ballot Status (Received, Accepted, N/A, RejectedI

How to Sign Up


What information can I find when I track my ballot in my voter registration record?

You will get your entire Election History, Mail-in Ballot History, and Provisional Ballot History.  You will also get:

  • Polling place information
  • Upcoming Election Dates
  • Voting District Information
  • Names and Contact Information of all your County Election Officials:  Superintendent of Elections or Commissioner of Registration, Board of Elections, County Clerk, ADA Committee Members

Helpful Tips

What do the Ballot Status terms mean?

  • “N/A” indicates they there’s essentially nothing to report
  • “Received” — your mail-in ballot barcode was scanned in on that date and they are in possession of it.
  • “Accepted”  — your mail-in ballot information has been verified according to the electoral security system and will be counted.
  • “Rejected” — your mail-in ballot has failed one or more security tests and will not count.

Should I be worried if I don't see that my ballot has been received or accepted?

Even if you mailed, dropped, or delivered your ballot more than 5 days prior to election day, you may not see your vote confirmed until after Election Day. That’s okay.  But, if on Election Day, your ballot status is still listed as “N/A” and doesn’t show it as “Received”, please take a screen snapshot and use it to vote by Provisional Ballot at your local polling place. This will ensure that your vote counts. A very small percentage of ballots get rejected; a majority — 99% in the 2021 General Election — are received and accepted.

I am having trouble with My Voter Record

If you were registered via Automatic Voter Registration through NJMVC (Motor Vehicle Commission) please use driver’s license number or SSN.

  • Try using your Driver’s License
  • Try using your Social Security number
  • Wait to get your mail-in ballot and use the Voter ID that will be on the envelope OR find your voter ID is here online:
  • Call your local Board of Elections and ask for help. Ask them to provide you with your Voter ID number. You can find the phone number for your local board of elections here:
  • Call the state helpline: 609-292-3760
  • Contact the Division of Elections and ask for help.

Please help other voters and share freely.​

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