Ballots Can Be Rejected

The security features of the Mail-in Ballot can confuse voters, causing them to make mistakes that invalidate their vote.  Learn how to avoid these mistakes.

Top Reason for Rejection

Why didn't the Ballot Cure Act eliminate rejections due to "Signature Does Not Match?"

We still have too many ballot rejections due to signature mismatch and signature missing. In both instances, under the law, voters would be allowed to provide an updated signature and get their ballots counted. Many voters declined to return their Cure Forms believing that it didn’t matter because the election was already over.  However, these same voters may have future Mail-in ballots rejected because they failed to provide an updated signature to use for signature comparison in future elections.  If you receive a Cure Form, be sure to return the form with your updated signature.

It is still a small percentage of all votes cast

Millions of New Jersey residents voted by mail for the first time in 2020 – 93.5% of all votes were cast by mail-in ballot. The highest percentage prior to 2020, was 16.7% in the 2019 General Election. For voters using this method for the first time, it meant that there were many costly mistakes made by inexperienced voters.  This drove the rejection rate much higher than we have experienced historically.

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