Track My Ballot

Want to know if your mail-in ballot has been received?  You can check the status by signing up.

What is Track My Ballot?

  • Track My Ballot is the ability for voters to keep updated on the status of their mail-in ballot as it moves through the process.
  • It can be accessed through the voter’s “My Voter Record” account.
  • It is not necessarily “real-time” tracking due to the lack of adequate technology at the county level to scan Mail-in Ballots on a large scale.
  • It allows voters to see:
    • Ballot request type
    • issued date
    • Ballot received date
    • Request processed date
    • Ballot issued date
    • Ballot received date
    • Ballot Status (Received, Accepted, N/A, Rejected)

How to Sign Up


What does Track My Ballot in My Voter Record look like?

You will get your entire Election History, Mail-in Ballot History, and Provisional Ballot History.  You will also get:

  • Polling place information
  • Upcoming Election Dates
  • Voting District Information
  • Names and Contact Information of all your County Election Officials:  Superintendent of Elections or Commissioner of Registration, Board of Elections, County Clerk, ADA Committee Members

Helpful Tips

What do the Ballot Status terms mean?

  • “N/A” indicates they there’s essentially nothing to report
  • “Received” — your mail-in ballot bar code was scanned in on that date and they are in possession of it.
  • “Accepted”  — mail-in ballots that have passed the Security Features and will be counted.
  • “Rejected” — mail-in ballots that failed one or more security features and will not count.

Should I be worried when I don't see "Received" or "Accepted"?

You may not see “Accepted” until after Election Day, and that’s okay.  But, if on Election Day and your Ballot Status is still listed as “N/A” and doesn’t show as “Received” and you mailed, dropped, or delivered more than 5 days prior, please take a screen snapshot of that and you can vote by Provisional Ballot at your local polling place if you are anxious and want to ensure that your vote counts.  A very small percentage of ballots get rejected but a majority — 98.9% in the 2020 General Election — are received and accepted. 

I am having trouble with My Voter Record

If you were registered via Automatic Voter Registration through NJMVC (Motor Vehicle Commission) please use Driver’s License number or SSN.

  • Try using your Driver’s License
  • Try using your Social Security number
  • Wait to get your mail-in ballot and use the Voter ID that will be on the envelope OR check what your voter ID is here online:
  • Call your local Board of Elections and ask for help. Ask them to provide you with your Voter ID number.
  • Call for help line: 609-292-3760
  • Contact the Division of Elections and ask for help.

Please help other voters and share freely.​

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